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 RULES and Bio Template

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PostSubject: RULES and Bio Template   Sun Jul 26, 2009 3:58 pm

Click on the Spoiler of either one or the other biography templates provided. One of them is simplified for your convenience but all of the questions are just as important - so please try to put as much thought and effort into the questions as possible. It may help you understand your character even better than you understand yourself.

Once you've filled out the template, post it on a new topic under this category with the title that at least has the Character's Name as the topic title. Krys or myself will come around eventually, take a look, make suggestions, and then approve. If for some reason we deny your character outright, we'll be courteous enough to tell you what's wrong with him/her and ask you to revise the sections that need revision!

Whew. H'okay. There's going to be language on this forum. Bad language. If you babies can't stand a little cursing here and there, get the hell out. This has demons and monsters, blood and gore, and explicit content where needed. Keeping that in mind, be aware that there are certain Terms of Service we have to abide by. If you're not sure what those are, go ahead and read 'em. In case you can't be bothered to READ the whole damn thing, I'll illuminate the few basic (and obvious) points:

  • No sexual situations beyond kissing and petting. Any more, take it to your favored messengers PMs.

  • No outright racism toward players themselves, no hate-mongering, no rudeness, no God-modding. (More to come on God-modding).

  • If you're inactive for any more than a couple weeks, we'll nudge you, jsut to check up on whether you can continue or not. If you're inactive for a month, you're character will be put aside.. Y'know.. just.. conveniently put aside. If you want to resurrect a character, it might actually prove difficult since you'll have to come up with a reason why he or she "disappeared", what he/she did while she was missing, and why he/she came back.

This page may be updated at any time, so check back often. Mmkay?

Have fun, kiddies.

Skeleton Biography (or Character Sheet, for you D&D quacks).


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RULES and Bio Template
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