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 About Races

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PostSubject: About Races   Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:23 am

Here's a rundown of races that we're willing to allow here. I haven't run this by Krys, he can edit it to adjust for whatever.

Humans: Humans don't have any innate super strength, although your human may have one specific but small amount of psychic power. Here are some examples of human powers that supercede some of their weaknesses:
  • Discipline - if one trains hard and long enough, they may boast of slightly faster reflexes, greater strength, and higher perception than normal humans - but only if their discipline is great enough to devote a lot of their time to keep these abilities in top condition. Age and gender may sometimes have an effect.
  • Sixth Sense - The ability to see ghosts and demons and their true forms, or 'sense' somehow something is different about a creature masking as a human being or otherwise undetectable by the first five senses.
  • Telekinesis - limited, but able to control objects with one's mind with ABSOLUTELY MINIMUM distraction. If you're got a gaping gunshot wound in your left shoulder and you want to grab something with your mind, one would think the massive amounts of "ow" would prevent you from concentrating enough to do it.

Half-Demons: Most Demons would not waste their seed or child-bearing properties on a human being. Those rare instances where rape is involved, most half-demons would be killed at birth or assassinated during childhood. Dante and Genevieve are of the few half-devils in the neighborhood right now, so if you WANT to have a half-devil, you'll have to include a bit more detail about their ancestry and their biography and you'll have to make it sound damn convincing about how they managed to escape being killed by the Demon World.
Some natural abilities Half-demons can have:
  • Devil Trigger - this is the ability to achieve a demonic form that allows them to execute powerful, rapid-fire attacks. This may include a description or a picture of your demon form.
  • Naturally, half-demons have faster reflexes and so on and so forth, but half-demons find it hard to live normally among the rest of Humanity for a few reasons: it may be like an addiction, a behavior, a violent tendency... or chronic depression, I don't know - but make sure it makes sense with your demonic ancestry, okay? Like, the Demon of Wine is a chronic drinker or something...

Demons: Not all demons are all powerful. Think of the endless stream of baddies in Devil May Cry 3. Those are all demons of some kind. And they all fall like twigs before the might of Rebellion and the lead-propelled hand-cannons Dante calls Ebony and Ivory.

However, some Demons rise through the ranks and become... MORE. These Demons may be able to walk freely around the world but not without much cost to their strength and sense of comfort. If you're Demon is walking down main street and causing havoc, don't expect any respectable Devil Hunter to just sit idly by. SOMEONE is going to come try to kick your ass... but please, don't just randomly attack because it'll get awful chaotic. Plan your plots beforehand, oi?

Other: Vampires, were-animals, auditors, and generally unpleasant beings who wander as Earthbound troublemakers. They can be good or bad, though, so keep that in mind when deciding how you want to party with Dante and others.

Sometimes they can be ghosts. But there is also limitations to being a ghost. For one, it goes without saying they can't exactly touch anything... but they can speak with people and share what little they know of the afterlife. Umm.. basically, anything goes here EXCEPT FOR DEMONS. And if you list your race as other, please say OTHER: (Whatever Your Character Is).
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About Races
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