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 Going Away Party

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PostSubject: Going Away Party   Sun Aug 02, 2009 5:59 pm

Just a little something I wanted to write today, on the Eve of my Possibly Not Having A Place To Live Anymore

Raindrops sounded like music when they fell on Dante's roof. To hear it, he had to be outside, though - sitting and letting it soak through his hair and down the back of his neck. He looked across the city from this view. It was not the highest point in the city, but it was close enough - close enough to evoke the same feeling. Without the rain, it would have been boring. The white-haired figure on the rooftop also might have looked pretty ridiculous if anyone had noticed him up here, but no one did until he started strumming on the demonic instrument, Nevan. Her beautiful voice could sing when he didn't want to. He balanced her on his leg, leaning his foot on the drain pipe, while his fingers danced with ferocious dexterity. With every note shrieking across the rooftops, someone was bound to notice the lonely one-man band.

But he just ignored whatever angry shouts that came. If they did, his music only grew louder. Electricity snapped out from his body, rippling up and down his arms and legs, creeping across the roof tiles and the drainpipe. Lightning above him crashed - his silhouette illuminated for brief snatches of time. It was as if the longer and harder he played, the rain responded by drenching him even more. He threw back his head and let the rain sting his face, and he was smiling.

His good-bye solo to the rain was loud and boisterous and angry, just like Dante, and if he was saddened by the rain, it didn't show in his music nor the perpetual grin plastered on his dripping wet face. He even laughed, running from one end of the roof, sliding across roof tiles and balancing dangerously on the drain pipe and even hanging upside down. Certainly he was a sight to see! He whooped a challenge at the lightning when it struck close, drawn to the noise and the raucous youth howling on the rooftop.

"Looks like this is gonna be one Hell of a party!"
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Going Away Party
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