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 Things Borrowed

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PostSubject: Re: Things Borrowed   Things Borrowed - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 02, 2012 11:49 pm

"Ayperos… " She remarked, walking along with him after eating a … heavy.. scottish.. lunch. Avoiding the haggis, and instead opting for some scotch pie. Though it was still a little too..scottish.. for her tastes. Looking over toward him, then frowning a bit. "We have a bit to go before we reach the place.." She muttered, heading toward a cab. Tossing their bags in the back and moving into the car, she waited for Dante before telling the driver what direction. She doubted he knew coordinates, so she would just give him the easy version. Sitting back and relaxing, her eyes shut lightly. Relaxing back and crossing her arms under her chest, they had a long ride ahead of them. Hopefully he didn't eat too much of the heavy on the native cuisine. Tilting her head head back slightly while breathing in deeply. Rolling the window down a bit part way though. Glancing toward the male after so long, as the driver pressed questions of how far they were going. "You may need to pull over to get gas." She remarked to the cab driver, who perked a brow and pulled over just before they left town limits. Glancing toward Dante while waiting for the cab to get gassed up. Once it was done, the cabby got back in and began to drive again. A few hours passed, and she asked him to stop. Getting out and getting the bags, she waited on Dante, and paid the driver. Up the road was a cabin estate, starting to walk toward the building area. Outside there were a few guards, who spotted the two slayers and opened the gate for them. "Well, we'll be staying here till you are ready to go to the location.. we don't have a lot of time, few days maybe."
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Things Borrowed
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